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The Lazy One 

I can’t decide which is better the skull with the blue eyes having its lunch. Or the skull with eyes that’s ask what’s he in as he gets a kiss  Advertisements

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Your warning

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The Cosmic

I don’t know what kind of effect slime has but I can imagine the possibilities

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The Outlaw

Just the look of this guy give me the idea that he is a outlaz up to no good 

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whats left

He saw some thing so mad and scary that the rest of his/her body ran away. Not just that the eyes exploded. What i sight that must have been to scare the body away.

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The Overlaps

They overlap each other and make a different colour. and only the crown is for that colour. You can look at it and ask witch one is one top but it is so well done that i can not tell.

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Another skull to add to the collection. This has two eyes that are out there.

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Work In Process

I saw the person working on it as i was walking down the street. The piece is a little unfinished but looks like it will be done a bit later. I will get an image of it when it is finished … Continue reading

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Another skull

Another skull that i have found. This time it is a poster.  is has a style to it that i like. But i like how when looking at the image i see craziness to the eyes when i look at … Continue reading

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