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The Fox Mask 

A bit more then some one wearing a mask is happening. A small sword through this person head and neck kind of give it away. 

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The On Lookers

Seeing all of what happens as you pass it.

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My Vote

In this years coming election this is who I shall be voting for, to make it clear that I want to see some change.

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Some Creme Please

Another one by loesje, I don’t really get this one but lets go with it and see what happens. An update to this I found out who loesje being the silly person i am i never searched it up. This … Continue reading

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The Outlaw

Just the look of this guy give me the idea that he is a outlaz up to no good 

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The psycho’s

If you could be nice and not tell on me, I just need it for a few more days. 

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Fox and the Rabbit 

In there circle the go round watching each others. Seeing who shall go first, who will run, who will attach. Anatomix did this work , that’s the signature on it 

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