Day 90

The day I left

It’s was a late flight so just spent the day doing some last exploring and then headed to the air port. Then finally left the airport.

A funny thing is that whilst waiting in the Airport and getting in the plane I noticed that quite a few people around me and on the plane did camp America as well.  They all had the t-shirt on.

This was an experience that I will hope not to forget. I made few new Friends a d saw some amazing place I will hope to visit again.

But I won’t lie the best feeling I have had in the last 3 months was getting home and being able to go to sleep in my own bed again.  I love to travel and see place but being back at home is so nice over the moving around every couple of days.

I know at the end of traveling and such thing you are meant to take some thing out of it and have a meaning or message. But for me I don’t. It’s just really what ever you want to take from it.

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