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New York again 

Have returned new York for the last 2 days before I return home. It’s been nice here, I spent most of the day going around looks for comic book shops. I found that during my travails that it was a … Continue reading

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New York 

I have arrived in this city so that I can meet up with some one and travel for the last week along the east coast .  They booked the tickets so the part of the adventure it up to them. … Continue reading

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Day 80

Today I meet up the the person I am traveling with. It was nice to see them again, it’s been over three months since we last were actually in the same place. Moved from one hostel to the next we … Continue reading

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Day 85

Kicking about in washing to and trying to see as many of the monuments and museums before we head off tomorrow. It’s interesting to see different museums whilst I am here because of seeing all the ones that I have … Continue reading

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Day 90

The day I left It’s was a late flight so just spent the day doing some last exploring and then headed to the air port. Then finally left the airport. A funny thing is that whilst waiting in the Airport … Continue reading

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Day 75 on the road I go 

By plane I travel to new Orleans to be a tourist. Of to a different place to see new and different things. Whilst I wait on the tarmac for the plane to take off  I see a few lightning strikes.

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Day 74 NASA

I went to the visitors centre and had a look around. It was all fun and got to see a few interesting things.   A space ship from the outside. I don’t know but I think he has been stuck … Continue reading

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Two jaws Tigger 

I saw this sticker as I was walking down the street. Looked interesting , just kind of did for me. 

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