With the Knife to his Neck

With his breath heavy on Jason’s neck he holds the knife in place. With the flick of his wrist he could cut Jason’s neck. He holds Jason in place, he is unable to move. Jason may try and struggle but he will just move the sharp blade closer to his neck.

They stand there unable to do anything, waiting for some thing to happen. In the darkened room there is only one light, the light from above. A single beam that comes down from the roof.

In his position Jason has no clue about what he should do. All he can do is look down on to the knife. The light reflects off it and glares in to his eyes. This blocks most of his view making it harder for him to see any thing.

He can not see it properly but he can feel the Sharpe blade up against his neck. Resting gently on neck the knife, ready to cut him at any second.

They stand there waiting for some thing to happen. The silence is killing him not knowing what could or could not happen.

A second later they are meters apart. Jason is trying and looks at the person. The knife is now down by his side but he is still a menacing figure.

Person “I got you” his is giggling and his voice is full of laugh.

Jason “Jonathan”

Jason puts his hand on to a wall and switches on the light but at the same time the person is putting down there hood . Revealing who it its.

Going fall wards he hits him in the chest. Not hard but hard enough. Hitting him on the arm a few times.

Jonathan “ow”

Jason “you deserve it, you had a knife to me neck” furious

Bring the knife up to his hand he slices down very slowly

Jason “dude”

Jonathan “look” pulling the knife away. No cut, no blood, no damage. “all show and no pain”

He throws the knife over and Jason catches it. Feeling it he sees how it is blunt. It could not cut anything. Dropping the knife he looks at Jonathan

Jason “you prick” chasing him they run around the room. One chasing the other.


Some time later


The two of them sit there with their backs to the wall. Drinking their drinks.

Jonathan “It was still funny”

Punching him again on the arm they sit there


This is a small short story I have written. I first thought about this with the one line ‘With his breath heavy on my neck’. I was watching the TV show powers and this line was said by one of the characters. I keep thinking about it and then I came out with an interesting way for it to change from what it is. Changing it from a villainous person looking on to a hero but a friend messing around with another.   

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