Long live team dredd

The last day. The field is nearly empty and we still have time to go. We all sit with are bag’s piled up in the shade. Kev drives off to get rid of the rubbish bag’s which have piled.  We all line up in a line a Brest to look for litter.  Many small things to be picked and bind. Slight smock still comes of the fire pit. The long burnt wood still gives of the slightest heat.  The last bag joins the pile.

A field is left with only the smallest evidence of us. The morning heat hits my back as I write this. Looking at the tree filled hills.  The hover flies hovering and landing on the book. The dog barks in the distance.  They all crowd as more bars are given . The mini bus and trailer turn up. We all get ready. The bags are loaded up one by one. Slowly we all get on to the bus’s.

Waiting for the movement to happen in a cool bus. The bus drives and of and we get are final look at base camp. As we go along the bumpy road we all get a look at the ridge we walked up. Along the road we listen to the radio. A different language but still nice the music is. Some catch up on rest others talk. Silence we mostly sit in par the silence of the engine, the bumps and lumps and the radio. More sleep as the journey stretches on.

This is a small thing I wrote. It was the last day of a three week expedition I recently did. It was the last day and I was just writing what I saw as it happened for about and hour. I found it interesting for a bit but then I just stopped. whilst out in Romania I was with a group of twenty people the team I was in was called team dredd. that is the reason for the tittle. But mainly because the team kept changing its name and this was the one that I liked the most. 

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