The may day march

The smock is light in the room of comrades. For the march they have marched was tiring. With the opponents at there heals all the time. But in here they can relax and take a breather. Throw the walls they can hear it. The music is loud in the other rooms. Mingle in there many groups. Who where all one group today.  Chatter among them all as they talk about the adventure of the day. They talk about what they have done, they talk about what will be done next. What more will they do.  They talk of how the enemy had left entirely and gone back to where they came from.

A dance party out side that draws the attention of many. Dancer take over the entire street. Music comes out of there speakers. Playing for the crowd. When the music is gone more comes along.

Cake is out for people to have. Though only a few have it. It looks good. Not knowing where it was from just knowing that it is there now.

People fall over out of joy, they have there fun.

Chanting, there are some in the door that make it loud so all can hear, Anti, anti-fascist. There slogan they sing. During the march they chant some thing different, “one war, class war”. For many hours they chanted this.

When the sound system fails for power reasons another takes moments to be back on. The people huddle there talking. They recoil as the music is back. They are back to the dancing.

The cake is good

The red woman gets practicing wither her fire sticks. Just too the side she stands the spinning them around. No fire on them just practicing and getting ready. I am gone before she starts, if she did start.

This started out as a small thing I wrote whilst I was standing about there. I edited it and it doubled in size. I just liked what I was seeing it and i wanted to record it in another way then just images. That’s my reason for this , it works for me. 

An image of the cake to show you 


people dancing to the music


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