What’s Changing

I have decide from now on I will be including images from protests and other events that I go to on the blog. I want to share these images.

I also have some thing like four years worth of images that I have done virtually nothing with. I think i should show them so they’re not just on my hard drive taking up space and people can see them. Sharing them so that more people have seen then not just me.

I am going to start with the photos I took over may day and then i am going to start at the beginning of my images. Going from the past to the most resent image. This is so that you can see the image that are bad and then it will start to be good. When I started taking photo and going to event I was a terrible photographer and really I was there supporting what the event was about. I want to show how i have become a better photographer over the time.

when I look at my photographed i am really bad at telling what is good and what is bad. So I don’t really know if what I will pick will be good or bad so i will like it if you give me honest opinions of them.

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