Out with the Boys Part 5 , Conclusion

Christen –science and bombs, she like to mess around and make stuff. The can be a drink that will make you hear better to a bomb that could destroy half the city

Alex (Alexandra) – has friends in every government and ambassadors around the world. Is are ambassador to the rest of the world sometimes.

My first idea was that christen and Alex where the same person. One minute she is sending me on a delivery job where I have to give some box to people for her. Then the next day I have to go retrieve them for here because her government contact are freaking out because of rumors they are hearing and I need to do something about it .

I wanted for her to be working both sides of the marked and playing every one (apart from me,). She is the character that knows everyone. She is friend with everyone and is making things that they ask for, she is the type of person that is neutral and is working with everyone. No one knows that she works like that and she keeps it this way.

But as I was doing my second draft of this I realized that is way too much for one character. As much as I think someone could do this (and I may try and use this character again somewhere else) I think that in this short it is just too much for one character. It looks and reads better to me when they are two characters in this short.

If you look at the dialog between the main characters and christen the conversation just sounds a bit wrong. Slightly forced when you look at it. That is because the original conversation all happened down stairs in the living room. I had to split it in to two conversations and then add more in it so that it was two conversations.

So this is where Alex is crated. When writing her in I was thinking she needs to be the same as christen but she has just pointed herself in other directions. She takes away from christen the knowing everyone. Alex actively gets the character jobs and makes sure she is friends with everyone, good or bad, still a neutral character.

Christen still knows a lot of people but I have changed it in the larger scales so that she knows people are important She makes stuff and then gets it sold.

This was part of the beginning of a larger story I have but I had left it for a bit. I have not got round to finishing it. When I was looking over it I thought that this was perfect as a small short that shows off some of the character in my larger story.

I don’t think I am going to get the larger story out because I am working on some other project at the moment but this is something that I want to come back to some day and finish off. I just got this short part out because it was something that I had looked over recently and I realized that it worked perfectly as a standalone story from the rest of it.

One of my problems is I have many ideas and I write a lot of them down or keep them in my head but I find it hard to finish a story . I work on many of them at the same time or none for a long time. I get distracted easily.

I will be working and then I will go off and check something for a mine but that will lead to me spending fifteen minutes going around the internet looking at many different things. This is one of my biggest problems that I end up waiting a lot of time on this. Other time some small thing will happen and I will end up researching something for some time that does not help me in any way.

I am working on organizing things so that I can work one at a time and maybe speed up how I work.

This story one its own took me a few weeks to write out and then to re-write it so that it made scene. and Evan know I had them scheduled and ready for posting I still looked over them to make sure that it was all good.

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