Out with the Boys Part 4

Me over phone “ Alex it’s me , it is done , I just sent you an address that is the location of where it happened , your friends might what to come and pick up an gift we left them there.”

Alex “Thank you and they were just notified so there are good”

I ended the call and then left it there. It took up not too long to go home and put are stuff away.

I took the black box up to christen as soon as I was done with my stuff. Leaving it on her desk because she was not there. Going back to my room I put my equipment away in its places and then had another shower.

Going downstairs after I cooked myself up a lunch.  Christen was already there making food for here self.

Me “Christen” she looked over at me “I left that box for you on your desk”

Christen “Thanks a lot”

She sat down and started to watch the news. It had no stories of the event of the day. I made my food and started to eat it. I sat down as Alex came in to the room. She sat down next to me.

Alex “Thank you for dealing with that problem of mine that has taken a lot of stress off of me.”

Me “No problem, did they get my gift”

Alex “They did and they are sending another hundred grand for that, it all should be in all your accounts by now”…“They are still baffled about that how this group got this materials.”

I had a look over at christen and she was putting on her “I am innocent” face.

“They relies that it is best that you keep hold of the materials after I talked to them.  I guess that it has been put somewhere safe.”

Me “Yes “

Alex “good”

She went off then and I sat there finishing my lunch.

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