Out with the Boys Part 3

Me “Luke flank round and find out what the big thing is whilst me and him get ready, find a good spot over there to shoot from.”

A few minutes later when me and ash where ready. We saw movement of people and we put together how we were to do this.

Over communication device “guys its Luke, so the big thing is a helicopter and it looks like it is ready to take off. Also there is about four extra people around here. And a sniper on the roof. But here is the good bit there is a person talking to the man with the black box and it looks like he is a commander”

Me to Luke “well that changes it slightly. You silently take out that sniper and then wait there. Make sure that the helicopter does not take off and get that commander pinned down. Start shooting and get their attention. Me and ash are going to hit the building from the front and move in your direction. If it goes well we can take them all out very quickly.”

Luke “I hear you and ready”

Me to ash “let’s do this then”

Ten minutes later.

Luke was standing with the black box in hand and I was checking over the people. Most where down and dead, a few of them were still alive and ash was seeing to them. Making sure there wounds where looked and then tying them up. I went over to the commander and put I little not on his chest. He looked at me angrily trying to move and get free but he was in place so that he could not get out.

Luke went to the car and put the black box in it and then returned.

Luke to me “so I have gone around and collected a few guns and ammo from all the guns. And I got a new rifle from the sniper. Some of this stuff is good hardware.”

Me “A waist not to take it”

Ash was coming from the other room with a case in his hand and keys in the other.

Ash “So I found this case full of money and I know it will just get wasted if the government was to find it here. Also I am taking the helicopter.”

Me “fine by me just don’t crash on the way home”

Ash “when have I ever done that”

Luke “do your really want up to answer that”

Ash looked at us and we could see how we were all about to burst out laughing. Then then went of and took off in the helicopter.

Me and Luke headed back to the car. I made a call as we got in and Luke drove off.

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