Out with The Boys Part 2

Me “Morning Christen”

Christen “Morning”

Me “So you know that package you asked me to deliver last night, the heavy one”

Looking at me, christen “What about it”

Me “I just need to know if the man is in the building still”

Sliding across the rood on her chair she moves to a different place.

Christen presses a few buttons on her computer and looks over some lines of text that appear on the screen.

Christen “Yes he is still there, I can presume this is something from Alex”

Me “Yep”

Christen “Well then bring back the box intact for me , I will have uses for it ”

Me “Will do”

Leaving her room I headed off to mine. I went in and then when to my back wall opening up the compartment I took out all that I needed. Taking out my body armor, hand gun, silencer, communication device and that was all.

Going down to the garage I go over to the box and take out the right keys. I move over to the car and I get in to the driver’s seat. I wait for the others to come along.  I waited only a few minutes and then the others turned up.

Me “So here it is, I know where the guy with the stuff is. We are going to go to the place and wait there, we wait for him to leave so that we can fallow him to where ever he is going. Once there we can properly find people he is working with and we can take them out as well. Any questions”

Ash “Just one was this christen?”

Me “Yes”

Ash “ok”

Me “Let’s go do this”

Every think went to plan, we waited for him then fallowed him to the place he was meeting some other people. Me and Ash where getting are equipment on as Luke was looking over the place. He always got ready quicker then the rest of us.

Luke “we might have a slight problem, the thermal imaging is showing at least ten people and the is something big on the other side of the of the building. I lost sight of the box man as he when in to the building. The heat signature on the other side is messing it up for me”

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