Out with The Boys Part 1

I got up at nine am. This is a good lay in for me. Today was nothing special so I lay in and enjoy a good morning. I have nothing planed. Getting out of bed I started to get myself ready for the day. Having a nice shower and then getting dressed.

I moved myself down to the kitchen, as I looked throw the fridge and cabinet’s I picked out all that I needed.  Making a full breakfast only took me a few minutes, it all came together nicely and then I moved off the living area.

Ash and Luke were already having the breakfast, both looking as if they had had a late night.

Me “How was the party “

Ash “Wild man, there where thousands of people there. It was a proper good rave“

As I sit down they change the TV over to the radio. Music in the morning is always nice.   Alex came in to the room. She was wearing a very good suit. This is very strange for her. She is normally not at the house at this time in the morning. She has early mornings and is out making some deal with some one that benefits her always.

Alex “I have a problem, some radical group got a hold of materials to make an atom bomb. They have this with in country boarder. well this is the rumor that every one has been hearing in the last twelve hours. I have just spent the last hour in a meaning with loads of minister. They have no way of finding them and they are all freaking out. They called me in and asked me finally if I could get it sorted.”

Me “How come they can’t sort it out?”

Alex “The man in charge is out with some friends, doing how knows what and where, and he is un-contactable at this moment . It is unlikely they will get his approval or even find him before you can sort it all out.”

Me “This is a job for them right”

Alex “Yes”

Me “Then they can pay me half a million when this is over”

Alex “Of course they will”

Me “I will have it done as soon as I can”

She then went leaving me to finish my breakfast. After finishing I look over to Luke and Ash.

Me “Want to help me rip of the government”

Luke “Why no”

Me “Great, meet me in the car when you are ready, don’t rush we have all day”

I went off and left them to their things. Back in to the kitchen and clean up my mess. Wash it all and then back upstairs. I go to Christin’s room, knocking a few times I hear her letting me in.

This is the first part of a story that I wrote. I have split it in to four parts so that it is no one big story all out at once. also so that is does not take to long to read it.   

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