That Sparkly Jacket

The lady walked along the road in her sparkly jacket. She stood out from the rest of the people as she walked down the road. Her story does not begin here. It started hours ago with an argument with her daughter.

“I am saying you don’t have it any more” says the daughter

“No I still have it” says the mother

“No mother you don’t, that sparkly jacket is proof of it. It is old and you say it was your party jacket but you never wear it because you don’t have it any more” responds the daughter

Thinking on what the daughter had Sayed she went out to prove the daughter wrong. Bringing here sparkly jacket with here.

Finding a party was the easy part, there are some many held every night. But finding the party she wanted was just what she wanted. She was looking for a rave of massive size.

Going to this she danced and drank in till the night was at its darkest. And after that she kept on going. Drinking her way she met many new people.

Conquering three men and still leveeing for more. Fining herself in to a private party filled with drugs and sex she fell right in her place. Taking pills and snorting drugs off people’s chests she feels like she is back in her glory days.

“Hey lady, how you felling, you just took a lot ecstasy right there” party guy

“Not felling a thing yet, this stuff is nothing compared the acid I took in my days” mother

“Dam girl you got it good” party guy

Hours later

Walking down her street she can still stand straight and walk properly. As she opens her house door she looks straight down the hall way to see her daughter. And as their eyes cross and they have a moment they look at each other for a brief few seconds.

And then it all goes black of her. Falling to the floor, this is the end.  A heart is capable of many things. Love and hate are some of the many that it can do. But one thing it cannot do I survive a lot of drugs and a heartbeat of the two hundreds for that long.

This is a small short story that I have written. My brother told me this thing to improve something ( can not remember exactly what that something is ).   going in to a shop or food shop and stopping in there for a bit. looking around at the people and writing a story about them. I took this and used it on the street. Only getting a few seconds to look at some one and make a story out of it is really interesting to me. it means i have you use as much as I can to create some thing with only a few second. I thought this one up when a lady in a sparkly jacket passed me on the street and it stood out to me. Out off every one one the street she stood out. I wanted to create a story out of her and the jacket she was wearing.

Also to clear it up the daughter is around 18/19 and the mother is just turning 40.   

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