Hello darkness my old friend

This long road I have been walking, seen many wonders I have. Great sculptures to great gods. The burning of Babylon and the burning of the great library. The moving of rock to make a grand wall and towers that have never stood so high. The death of kings and the birth of countries. The rise and fall of empires. I have seen the great warriors of the world fall to the simple things. I have seen every dark castle corners during every siege that it has ever taken. The heat of every forge has lifted me up. The power within them is still nothing compared to what I have found with you. The seas have moved and I have watched them do so. On the fishing ships of the first age and the great battleships of the discovery age.

But still over all this time I have never seen anything as wonderful as you. Nothing could and will ever stand up to you. It has been a long time since we have meet my friend.

This is something that I have written. I was listening to the song “the sound of silence” by   Simon & Garfunkel. The first line just stood out to me so I put it down and then started to think about it. I then got distracted by the wonders of the world. I then thought about how none of them are still around because of various things. It lead me to think about someone that has seen all the wonders of the ancient world but nothing compares to darkness, there old friend. I know Babylon did not burn but I got that from the song “Babylon’s burning” by the ruts. I like how it has come out and it is something that occupied my time for a bit.

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