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That Sparkly Jacket

The lady walked along the road in her sparkly jacket. She stood out from the rest of the people as she walked down the road. Her story does not begin here. It started hours ago with an argument with her … Continue reading

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The Swift Tigger

Tiger out on a hunt. Hunting a Buffalo, this is the over half of that work. Both pieces done on shutters. I like this because of the simplicity to it. It does not need to all the colors just two of … Continue reading

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Ms Marvel

Here is where you find the original: It was originally done by Ryan Sook. I like his style, I have never read any of the book he has done but i have seen some of the covers. A Nightwing form … Continue reading

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Many Links

I have no clue what is going on in this piece of art right here. All that I do know is that it is being sponsored by a lot of people. In it I see a few people, some weird eyes … Continue reading

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Number 49

I really like how this door has been done. All the vibrant colors and movement of the colors on the image. this is just off brick lane. It is on a road that leads to an area that has a … Continue reading

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I liked doing this because this character is my most favorite one in all of DC comics. This was originally done by Adam Hughes . I copied it using fine liner pens. I  like what they have done in the comics … Continue reading

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Holding Hands

I believe that there is a message in there somewhere but i can not see it. What do you think the message is ?.  I like the work because it is quit simple but it shows a lot in its … Continue reading

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