The arrow flew through the air. Every one watched as it gets closer to its target. Time slows down for everyone in the area. Watching it get closer and closer. He sees it coming and he can do nothing but let it happen. When the world’s greatest archer releases an arrow you know you are dead.

But the mined still has time to think of what will happen.

The arrow will hit him in the chest, directly in the hart. It will not miss, this archer will never miss. Once in his hart he will fall to the ground and will start to die. He will be dead within two minutes. First the muscles will lose all there air and they will be unable to move, then the hart will stop pumping after the arrow has hit it. The blood in the body will only last a few seconds for the body. The brain will then slowly start to shut down.

And this is how he will die


The arrow misses the hart by a few center meter. The body will be pushed back a few beet and fall on to the ground. Making it impossible for a second shoot. As long as the people around him move him immediately and get on the road with in a second and then get to a hospital with in 10 minutes he may have a chance of living. This will then lead to years of therapy and getting better but mentally he will never be the same. Living in the body of a man but with the mind not a man.


The force off the arrow causes him to move back words and with the wrong foot he falls off the cliff. At just around 172 feet the wall is fatal to any how do fall of. Falling right next to the water fall that is there, he would more than likely hit the river at the bottom of this cliff. The sheer impact on the water would kill him instantaneous. All that would be left would be a body with no bones not broken that can do nothing.


Because of the water fall when the body does hit the water to goes straight in and is not injured from the fall. Then the gagged rocks under the water surface would cut the man to piece when he got the water is not a pool of red with no reminisce of the man that was.


Over time all the rocks have be smoothed down. So when enter the water nothing will hurt him like that. Then we will be washed way down the river for miles.  He will then be left with the coldness and everything else in the water. The fish, the any number of reptiles out there. He would be dead after a day in the water and if not he would be dead only a few later because of infection.


The water has to fish or animals in it. It is clean and there is no chance for infection for the man. He floats for many mails down the river. Finding himself at a monastery he is found my nuns. He is then nursed back to health after many months of recovering. When he is ready he levees and thanks the nuns. Then with his memory and all he has he goes on a journey of vengeance. Hunting down the person who did this to him. Only to spend the rest of his life hunting a shadow and never getting close to the archer.


Because of the journey he lost all his memories of what had happened. When he was found he was then nursed back to health but when he was ready to leave he had nowhere to go. So he stayed and because a helper around the monastery. He then spent his life helping where ever he could. In till he reached his old age and thy card for him in his last years of his life.


He left the monastery and he moved to a nearby village with the money given to him by the nuns. He found his way in to a bar-tending job. Over time he became well known by the locals and they all liked him. In time he falls in love with the waitress he works with. And then they marry have kids and live long lives in love.


It did not work out with the waitress and this Brock his hart. He then left town with everything he had and then keeps on moving going from town to town. Drinking his way there. Never being sober again. And dies a few years later in there street because of his drinking. Dying in the street with no one to look after him.


This is the world’s greatest archer and the arrow will not miss.

This is some thing that i wrote. I had some free time so i wanted to think up a story. I just came out with the sentence the arrow flew through the air. It just started with this and then i thought more about it. I only got a bit of it down when i had the idea about all the BUT WHAT IF. I was thinking about how marvel comics used to do theses comics called what if. It would take the normal story and change it. Just enough so that it would turn out a different way. One of the examples is “What if someone else besides spider-man had been bitten by the radioactive spider?”. I thorough instead of have the story charge at one point and see what happens, change it at every moment that matters. The important decision that change the entire story. It has taken me a few days to do this because i was thinking how to change it and also how this can effect it all. I like how it came out because it interests me how it all can change because of one decision.

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