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Marvel Girl

This is a sketch of jean grey aka marvel girl. This is when she is in here second outfit . The green dress with yellow mask. I am going to add colour to it latter. I copied it from Adam Hughes. … Continue reading

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The arrow flew through the air. Every one watched as it gets closer to its target. Time slows down for everyone in the area. Watching it get closer and closer. He sees it coming and he can do nothing but … Continue reading

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The Monster

“creature”, “fiend”, “spectre”, “the demon”, “wretch”, “devil”, “thing”, “being” and “ogre”. These are all names the monster made my doctor victor Frankenstein is called my his maker. They are all the names he is spoken to as but he is never … Continue reading

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Help Him

The man who needs help. Its linked to some thing for you to share. It is is that you can help or show your support in some way. it looks like it has been done by a stencil. Just two … Continue reading

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Collage Of ….

I really do not understand this. I just saw this and found it interesting. It has the same words printed all in it. It is the same thing just over and over. It has some kind of comic in the … Continue reading

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It is an drawing on a door down brick lane (in the surrounding area ) . it says on it ” all wire pics at ”  it takes you to the persons page . it is apart of one … Continue reading

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