Moral dilemma

Coming home never takes long. I just took longer because of my dilemma. Sitting down on the sofa makes the problem a little better. Being somewhere relaxing all ways helps. Learning over and looking at me. He has a way that is not the best. He moves from standing to sitting. He sits in the way therapists do. Watch me with every move. I hate therapists but I like him.

Him “Dilemma?”

He “Yep”

Him “The rose”

A clear look is all that is needed. We both then move knowing where we are going. The rose my little corner of the world. I sit in the usual place the corner booth. Completely hidden from everyone. The owner is very nice and I am the only one that sits in this booths. My friend tunes and sites down. With some juice. It is the best when I have a dilemma.

Him “So what is bothering you?”

He “The girl”

Him “Ah”

he “Yep”

Him “The same one that you like a lot”

He “The one”

Him “And you still do nothing”

He “Yeah”

Him “Well the thing you have to do is talk to her properly and tell her how you fell. It will all just work after that.”

He “I know that but you know me. I’m bad at this stuff and I will find a way to back out of it. And you know this. I am me and this is what I do. I am terrible with some things like speaking to people when it his important but when I am among friends I can talk as confidant as I like.”

Him “Nice monologue there”

He gives him a look that he understands. Back off

Him “Fine, why don’t you just ask her out then?”

He “I’m me. I don’t do stuff like that you know that. I will just get scared and will change the conversation”

Him “Well the thing you are working on will some be over. You don’t have that long to ask her”

He “Well I will think about doing it every time that I see her”

Him “Then do it! Just walk over to her and ask her out”

He “I just can’t do that I’m not that confidant around new people”

Him “We’ll why not send her a message somehow .on something that you are working on”

He “I tried that but it did. Not work”

Him “Then do it again”
He “I am, right now on this price of paper”

Turning away and looking straight at you.

He “So as you might have just read I like you. Well I’m really bad at this so I’m just going to go straight at it. Would you like to go out sometimes?

Nothing big we can hang out some time and maybe we could go out somewhere. Just the two of us. What do you think of that?

Patting me on my back. Him “see that was not they hard.”   Looking at you “so why not say yes to this pathetic guy”

This is my work. I wrote it whilst i was having some free time. Moral dilemma  is a piece of work i wrote when this idea came to me. Some ones way of dealing with a dilemma  is to retract in to them selves and talk to some one. This other person is there subconscious and they talk to each other about the problem. The rose is an idea of that hidden part of you that is away in a corner that you do not see. The person that you would like to be but you are not that person. I braked the fourth wall because i think that it brings some thing to the work. The person can become what they want to be but they still need some help to get there.

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