The Dark and Cold Night

The night was dark and cold. People walked the street as fast as they could, avoiding the cold winds. Nights like this I like, well when I say I like these nights. I love them the most out of everything they are. In them I live.  As I walk the streets more people fine themselves moving faster. I move the way you think I would fast and with a purpose. I have a place to be and a time to be there by. So I move.  My pocket watch tells me one time but everything else tells me another time entirely. I pass through the streets without looking where I am going. I know this place to well to ever be lost here. They move around me as I pass. Making my ever movement hard to predict.  The night darkens and I still know my way. A bump in the ground courses a disturbance in my stride. I look down to see a man. Not really a man. He is just a shell of what once. He is a life less man. Leaning up against the wall with his cup still in hand.  Not full but not empty. A few generous people have given to him. Most has acted like they did not see him. He is changed, this night has made him blue. A color he will never be able to return from. I shed a tear for this man. To leave alone is worst then leaving all together. But I must go, a place to be and not much time to be there. I move with some speed now. I see people fall as I pass through the streets. With no care they get back up and keep on going. But I have to time to see this. I must move or may be late. No to see what happened to them. I move now with more speed passing through alloys and streets alike. I have no time to waist. I checks I pocket watch again, it must be wrong. For it tells me one time when the darkness tells me another on. I am close now, I can feel that I am but then blocked. A van move s in to my way. I have no time to stop. I go through this van with my speed not changing. The changes I have made will make the van think more next time. I pass it and gain a smell that is not liked. Within seconds in I’m at my destination. The docks is where I am, so quiet and still tonight. All the boats still, nothing moving. Everyone is gone and have left them to drift in the docks. I move passed them to the open Water. The sea is rough and moving. He must be upset for some reason. It must be bad, he is cold and does not want to talk. Sitting there at the end he ignore me. With that look I know this is something that I best leave alone. I leave him now. Off I must be. I rise now leaving this place. Up and up I go. And in this place I leave nothing behind. Some are happy I am gone but other will be Sade for what I have done. As I go higher I am changed again. The smell has lost me and now I am free of it. As I meet the others we rejoice. Remembering it has been a long time since we were together. South and east have meet me. It has been a long time since we all have been together. We glide together for some time.  And we keep on going with no Intention of parting each other Company. South goes without a thought. Going her way. East floats off in his time. Leaving without a word. I am now alone. Drifting my way

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