Guard duty

A night like this you cannot help but look up at the sky. The sky is clear and it is lowly lit in this area, virtually no light. I could lie down and have a look at the all night but I cannot. I have a duty to do.

I can the commander of my men. The commander of operation VAL. this will be one of my last operations. How was I to know it would be the worst I have had? I have some of my own men (SAS ########). I like to have men that I have fought in battle with. They are grouped together with some of the standard military. They are about ####  of us in total. They may all have their own leaders but I command it all. We are here to apprehend two enemies of the state.

We wait in the trees hidden away in are small hiding place. The rain pours down at steady rates. It’s not good for anything when it is wet and cold. We wait for the signal to come. When it does come we can start are operation but it has yet to come so we must wait.

Double red flash is seen. That is the code. I turn to my platoon leaders.

Me “platoon leader ####### move your platoon in and assist platoon red and black “

######  “my men will head out strait ways “

She headed off. I turned to my second in command.” get squad two and five out here. I will go down there and assist in this part “

Second in command “yes sir“ he turned to his radio and started to send out the commands. I start to walk out of the command hub. I picked up my trench coat as I left the command hub. Squad two and five are ready when I get to the position. I get out my light and do red blue. They respond with green (ready and waiting). Me and the squad heads down to the doors in which they are waiting at. They open and the commander of the program is waiting there with four others. I had just learned his name that after noon. He was a very secretive man that liked to keep things secret. His name was Dr ### ###### . He liked us to keep calling him his code name. Hawk

Me “sir you will travel with squad two and me , squad 5 you make sure the others get back “

We moved with some speed back up the hill. By the time we were back at the command hub. The hawk started it all and it began. The hawk stood there and watched it all happen. We saw all the people in fancy cloth leave and then some of are men came out. Small numbers of them. Some barley able to stand others crawling away. I ordered few squads to go down and help and bring them to a safe zone.

The hawk looked at me “######## send in the juggernaut no”

I “yes sir “

I ordered the juggernaut out they were sent to the mansion. They were to go in and do what they do. Destroy the enemy.

About 10 minutes after them when I a lot of men came out. There was a lot of them and by the look of it. I ordered men to go out and help them .it happened just as they meet it the field.


The area that once was the mansion is not a tall pile of rubble. Two of the walls still stood but they fell soon after witch.

There now was a field of red. The bodies of the men sent in to help the injured people are now all over the place. They now where all injured person and dying people in that field, I saw maybe one person that got up the rest stayed on the ground. Some of the area was filled with what is left of the building. All the men were ordered in to help. I looked out at this field of death and felt sick inside.

Hawk “########“

I turned and looked at him. He handed me two photos, face shots of two people.

hawk “they are in thee if they are dead or alive I want their bodies. Once you have them bring them to base ####, you will do this yourself with no one with you. “ I looked down at the images and studied them. One male and one female, both young adults. Hawk “do not stop in till you find them“

He turned from me and then left. Off back to his HQ leving me to clean it all up.

The men had moved as many men as they could. Still the dead and dying where in the fields. The med centre was overwhelmed. There were too many people and not enough doctors. I had a look in to see how it was. I was unable to get close to it. Overwhelmed is an understatement of what it was like. There was a make shift morgue made. It is full of the dead. Platoon leader ######## was in there dead with many of her men. Would she be happy with how it all came out? That day we lost a lot of good men, dying too young for my liking.

I walked down in to the area around the rubble. Dead bodies where all over the place. Some bodies here and there, some bodies’ parts all over. The red keeps it all seen. For the most part.

Two men were moving dabree out of the way so that someone else could move it later. Unaware of my presence. This is what I overheard.

Solder 1 “how do you think they will explain this one in the media“

Solder 2 “properly going to say something like mad man bombs solders.“

Me “more like terrorist bombs solders traing, means a boost to the military budget for some one. “

They looked at me. I could see it in there says, in theirs facial expressions. They were grim. In a way you can never describe. They turned from me and got back to what they were doing. I walked some more looking at it all.

A man approached men and spoke. “Sir I think we have found them“

I “show me “

I followed him as we went to the site. Four men stood around the opening. I looked down to see two body’s one male and one female. I took out the photos and compared them. The hair color was the same but the hair was slightly different. The faces where covered so that I could not see them. I went down and had a proper look at them. It was defiantly them.

I study everything about them. The female was barely scratched. Apart from a few seen cuts she looked fine. The dress she was wearing was virtually all cut up. I checked here place. Alive but slow. The male was a different picture. He had blood stains, cuts on the arm, a bit of wood in him. His cloths where all destroyed. All that was left was really a pair of pants and a vest. He has no pulse, dead in all of the word.

I looked up at the men ”we need to move them now“ I looked back at the two of them. “The female first and then the male. One of you gives me a jacket she needs covering“

One of them passed down there jacket. I wrap it around her. One of them came down and helped me pushed her as the men at the top took her arm and pulled here up. They put her down on the ground next to the area. I climbed out and then the men took out the man. They picked them up and I lead them to the car.

As I climbed the hill I remember one thing. It was blood red all the way up. With them two in the back of the car I set off. On my rout out I saw all of the destruction from a distance. At this view is saw the full magnitude of how bloody it was all and how much had been destroyed. I looked back at the girl. Asking the question in my head if they are actually worth all the death and destruction made.

some bits have been redacted before i could get my hands on this , and let the world see it . i believe the to be names and location off very important people involved it this operation. it is still unclear why they when with the name guard duty for this operation but i have my subs pitons that i will try and hunt down.

This is a piece of work that i made. It is a prologue to a bigger story that i am writing. It is  it in the middle of my story but i thought this sequence from one of the other characters perspective with the views would make it more suspenseful. Thinking about how it will come in to play and when it it will happen in the story. it also make you think about what will happen next. i started this a couple of months ago. i wrote one version and then left that for a bit , i was planing to post that a few weeks ago but could not find it so i rewrote it and this is now what i am posting for you top read.  the original version was one page less and had a lot less details in it . i like this version of it better because it create the character that i wanted for the commander and it also clears up some blank areas that the story will not .

tell me what you think about my writing

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