Sleeping. It is the time I most dread. It is when I am un-protected. They took me in my sleep, to be their experiment, to make their weapons. However, I need the sleep because I need my dream – my dreams of the past help me to stay alive. So I have to weigh up the good and the bad…

Once, not that long ago, I was like you: a normal human being but that all changed.  I used to be a lab assistant.  I was observing an experiment when it blew up, blew up because of a lighting storm.  The lightening, combined with a certain combination of chemicals changed my life.  The scientists and other assistants I was working with all died.  Somehow, I survived.

Soon, I discovered my powers – the ability to control electricity and to hide my face from others. I decide to become a hero – an anti-hero but a hero.  Well, technically, a vigilante. I am the only hero, so after some time, I was dubbed ‘THE HERO’ by the newspapers.

My main problem was the government. They wanted me to become their “Peace  Keeper “. I declined, time after time, because I know all they wanted was a weapon. After a year, they found out who I was. They took me in the night, in my sleep. They experimented on me for a length of time; this time is still an un-forgettable time. Each day, they experimented on me in until they got what they wanted. They took my powers and started to give it to their solders. They should have killed me. I escaped one day and killed them, well a lot of their solders and the research. I killed the power and all who had it. I took a bonus, of course I did. It was their plans to conquer and retake their empire.

I am going to release this information to the world and destroy them. It is hard to get about as they are using whatever they have to hunt me down. I am dead to the world as a hero and as myself

I woke from my snooze with a bump. The driver of the truck I was hitching a ride in had gone in to a service station.  This was an unusual feeling. I never slept whilst travelling; I must have dropped off out of tiredness. I parted ways with the driver and went in to the service station. I got a drink and food, all paid for by others. Two skills I have picked up recently are picking pockets and locks. Twenty minutes later, I set off. I started to go over the fields always a mile away from the road.  I was heading to London. Their base was in the white cliffs of Dover, the opposite direction.

I had been walking for at least three and a half hours before I stopped. I sat down for a couple of minutes; a chill went up my back. The wind was my only companion, telling me of its travels. I got some food out of my bag and ate it. I got back up and looked about.

In the corner of my eye, there was a flash of light low, light that appeared and then went. An un-natural light. I went down to tie my lace. I came up fast and got a knife from my boot and threw it. The ground and air told me where but my target was faster. By the time my knife left my hand, my bag was on the floor. The thing moved out of the way and pounced upon me.

Its metallic jaw was trying to rip my chest apart. It caught me by surprise so I was not ready. I hit and kicked its centre to get it off of me. It retreated a bit and then came at me again.  This time I was ready and I kicked its head off. It fell upon me. I pushed it away, watching it moving about in circles.

Tic-tok tic-tok tic-tok tic-tok.

I should have known: always have a plan B and a back up.  I ran. Luckily, there was a small pit not that far off. I ran with all the wind pulling me along. As I put my first foot on the side, I slid a bit. The ticking stopped.  The force of the explosion threw me to the other side of the pit. I waited a couple of seconds and then looked out. To my side, there was a small piece of metal a few centimetres away from my head.

I got up and had a look about. The land was burnt for 100 metres in all directions. I then saw a pair of floating fireballs of eyes. And then another and another and another and another. Eventually, there were twelve individual pairs looking at me, these robots smaller then the last one I had just fought. I got some leather gloves out of my pockets and put them on. I then pressed some thing on my arm and gauntlets appeared on them both. I was ready.

“Bring it on!” I challenged.

They all pounced at me in harmony. I jumped at them, ready to destroy them. The next ten to twenty minutes went very quickly there were lots of explosions. It was a big fuzzy blur, maybe a bit of fun.

I kicked the last one into the pit. I walked off as it blow up behind me.  I went off to my bag. Damn.  My bag was on fire. I put the fire out. It was a bit burnt but still the content was intact. I rubbed off the dirt, walked over to one of the heads and picked it up. Left eye equals sight, right equals sound, and these things are brilliant even when you rip the eyes out they still work for about an hour. I ripped out both the eyes and held them in my hand. I tapped on it a few times before talking.

“Good afternoon,” I said loudly.  “Listen, the more you send the more I will destroy. So please do just give up. Do I have to kick your front door down?”

I smiled and then threw them, in opposite directions, in to the air.

Splash and crack.

That was one of them landing in a liquid and the other hitting some hard object. I went to another head and disconnected it from them. I picked up some other components and then put them in my bag. I started off across the fields. A nice blaze came upon me from the morning sun.

I walked on liking the rise in front of me, determined to finish my mission and become a hero again.  In my own way.

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