Happy is what we make you

To a fair point I think this stands for both of the Characters. neither is for out entertainment but we have used both for just that. In a sad part of history we actually looked after one better then the other.

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Buy Shit !

You know if more adverting was like this I would probably listen to it and buy more stuff that I have never needed. 

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Silly Hair

I think he is a character from the mighty boosh , some what like naboo. has that look about his.

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The Green Armor

I am less looking at this as an opportunity to take a photo of a cosplayer but more of a look at how people/photographers are all quick to take photos of people at these events.

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Mr Snow

Back from battle and he is just showing off his bloody sword.

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The Fox MaskĀ 

A bit more then some one wearing a mask is happening. A small sword through this person head and neck kind of give it away. 

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Mr ass and colonel starsĀ 

Love the comic, love the movies, love the cosplay.

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